B.J.’s is a twenty-four hour, seven day-a-week business with 47 employees. A majority of our work includes roust-a-bouts, trucks, heavy equipment operations, and maintenance for both new and existing oilfield operations, new substations, build new electric line  and maintain old Right-Of-Ways .

With the experience and know-how  of our qualified personnel, which are safety-trained each week, we are more than ready to take on any construction, repair or maintenance challenge your company requires. We guarantee quality, safe work with every job we do. Our employees set the standard for professionalism with each job they complete. They are proud of the work they produce and we are always prepared for the next challenge.


Established in 1983 by Billy Graham and Frank White, BJ’s Oilfield Construction’s work has spanned all over Oklahoma and parts of Kansas and Texas for over 30 years. Our business started modestly with six employees, two one-ton winch trucks and a few used tools.

Through integrity, honesty and hard work, we have built our business into the well-established and respected company it is today, and will continue to grow with the guarantee of safe, quality work on each job.

We have the tools to get the job done, including bulldozers, front-end loaders, packers, skid steers, back hoes, track hoes, graders, scrapers, tractors, water trucks, dump trucks, speciality equipment and skilled, bonded and licensed operators. We have a wide range of skills and are flexible to the ends of the project — no job is too small or too large.


Give us a call at (405) 485-3390. We’re available 24/7.